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Commissioner Duties

Volleyball Commissioner Duties

Contact:  Kathy Manning  297-8173 cell or you can email her at

Set-Up Procedures
Joe Hernandez’s will have chairs (8 on each side), tables out and maybe net up (7+ ft.) If not please pitch in and help.

Opening Duties
1. Pick up commissioner bag; pull out notebook, pencils, game ball, time clock, tape
   (Bag is stored in closet behind basketball pads)
2. Put down the blue tape line for serving position
3. Have coach turn in line-up so officials can record numbers. Coaches can retrieve the line-up back but keep at end of match for reference.
4. Whistle off 1 minute start time for serving to ensure the game will start on time.  Officials’ should have flipped coin for 1st serve, identified line judges & recorded opening lineup prior.
During the Games make sure the next team is notified to enter the gym during the last half of game
5. After last match ends (each team should shake hands under the net). Next match should start within 5 minutes immediately, then 1 minutes of serving.  At the end of serving allow all balls to be gathered and secured with parents/etc. Games should be started within 5-7 minutes after the hour.  It is very important to stay on schedule.
6.  Make sure team parent checked that all jewelry has been removed. 
7.  Check gym area for safety concerns, ( i.e. water or debris on the floor.)        
8. Water bottles are only permitted on the gym floor.
9. Put scoresheets and line-up sheets in folder.     
10. Know the playing time requirements and monitor scoretable    Sit at scoretable, monitor clock. (Review our special rules, so you are aware of them, especially playing time)
11.  Do not let parents complain/question officials’ calls.
Closing Duties
12. Check gym floor for lost & found items.  Put them in the commissioner bag, along with the ball/league notebook.
13. In general start and keep games running smoothly, close down, please have student and/or parents assist with stacking chairs and returning them to the appropriate location.
14.  Please be sure to distribute information to coaches that needs to be handed out prior to the game.
15.  FIRST AID - We have access to the trainer room for ice and bandages etc., at all RRISD schools.